Earl Palmer Ministries Digital Strategy

The Client

Dr. Earl Palmer is a pastor with over sixty years of ministry experience. Dr. Palmer along with some of his colleagues created Earl Palmer Ministries with the goal of providing resources to pastors and preachers across the globe long after his retirement.

The Brief

Earl Palmer Ministries wanted to take over six hundred sermons and lectures in audio and video form and the articles that Earl has written and archive them on the web for anyone to use.

Bright Salt Media was called in to build a new website to archive this material and keep an active Facebook page, but we are helping Earl Palmer Ministries do so much more.

The Strategy

Earl Palmer hosted a seminar, titled the Joy of Expositional Preaching, at Princeton Theological Seminary, the entirety of which the Bright Salt team captured on video. We took the video content from this seminar and compiled it into a free package to offer pastors in exchange for joining the EPM community.

The community receives a weekly email update with news about what Earl is doing, along with a schedule of his upcoming events. The email ends with a sermon from the archives for the reader to listen to and learn from.

As part of our ongoing content strategy, the team at Bright Salt also takes quotes from sermons and articles in the archive and transforms them into photos and short video clips to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Results

As part of our digital strategy implementation for Earl Palmer Ministries, we took the Joy of Expositional Preaching content and published a short clip of one of the lectures via paid Facebook ads targeting pastors and Christian ministry professionals. Thus far we have generated a large amount of email signups, and the video has been viewed over 50,000 times. We are currently working with Earl Palmer Ministries to create even more content using new and archived materials to continue to serve ministers across the globe.Earl Palmer Ministries WebsiteEarl Palmer Ministries Facebook Ad

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