IYM Forum Event Website

IYM Forum Website


The Client

The Institute for Youth Ministry (IYM) at Princeton Theological Seminary holds a conference each year called the Forum on Youth Ministry.

IYM wanted to create a landing page that could give people an in-depth overview of the conference and provide a call-to-action for people to sign up.

The Strategy

We had all the right information — our task was to create a beautiful, engaging design for it. We already had video footage from the previous year’s promo video, so we knew we wanted to incorporate that.

We began by creating an above-the-fold (ATF) video section that included all the relevant information – dates, location, a few lines of text about the event, and links to watch the promo video and sign up. For the background video we used footage taken from the previous year’s event.

We created the rest of the page to tell the story of the event. We start with an attention-grabbing headline: “Youth Ministers Were Born to Dream!” We then give a short overview of whom the event is for and what they will learn.

The remaining sections give more in-depth info about the event: speakers, schedule, and pricing. The page ends with a call-to-action to register, a chance to sign up for email updates from IYM, and a few images from around Princeton. The bottom of the page gives location and contact info.

The Results

IYM sent out an email with a link to the landing page, and soon filled all the available spots for the Forum. The team at IYM loved the page, but more importantly, it fulfilled our goal of creating a beautiful, engaging invitation to the Forum and ultimately filling every seat.

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