Kindred Youth Ministry Website

KYM Website

The Client

Kindred Youth Ministry approached us to build a digital strategy to engage and equip youth pastors with excellent resources. The first step of this digital strategy? An excellent website.

The Brief and the Strategy

We worked with the KYM exec team to launch the website and KYM brand in September 2016. The website would start out as an online magazine, mainly featuring written articles. Thus, we designed the website with a focus on this written content.

We also developed a lead magnet, 11 Youth Ministry Hacks, to invite users to join our email community. We designed the site with a strong emphasis on this as well, since building up the community around KYM was a top priority.

The Results

Since launch, the website has received thousands of visits, and the 11 Hacks has been extremely popular. The website has been the launching pad from which KYM has expanded to offer products and multimedia content, and they are continuing to expand quickly. Most importantly, the site and the community it has created has helped equip countless youth pastors in their ministry.

The website is at the core of our digital strategy we’ve worked together with KYM to implement. It includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and ecommerce. KYM is experiencing rapid growth — almost exclusively due to this digital strategy — and we’re incredibly excited to see KYM continue to grow.

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