Video Advertising + Lead Generation on Social Media

One of our favorite parts of digital strategy is that of social media advertising. Specifically, advertising on Facebook offers extremely high ROI right now. A Facebook advertising strategy, coupled with a strong digital funnel, delivered exceptional results in this area for Kindred Youth Ministry.

First, we created an animated video that explains what Kindred is all about. The length and content of the video is important: it’s very short at just 42 seconds, highly engaging, and easy to watch. In other words, this video is optimized for Facebook advertising.

Then we created a few other ads using still images:

Facebook ad - Kindred Youth Ministry Facebook ad lead generation for nonprofits

Split-Testing on Facebook

On Facebook, there are two main variables through which we can test our ads:

  1. Audience / targeting (demographics, interests, etc.)
  2. Ad creative (image, copy, headline, etc.)

Audience & Targeting

We tested several different audience and groups on Facebook. One group we targeted was people with the job title “youth pastor” or who had liked “youth ministry” – between the ages of 22 and 50.

One of the most powerful tools in Facebook advertising is lookalike audiences. We created several lookalike audiences for Kindred – people similar to their email list, people similar to their website visitors, etc. These audiences performed very well – Facebook does an extremely good job of putting ad content in front of the right people.

Ad Creative

We tested the above ad creatives among our audiences. Want to guess which one performed the best?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the video. It was the tired youth pastor image.

This is partially because we were optimizing our ad campaign for lead generation, not for video views. Had we optimized for video views, we likely would have gotten thousands of views at very low cost. Since our main objective wasn’t just for people to watch the video, but rather to invite people to visit our site and download the 11 Youth Ministry Hacks, the images had the best performance.

We should also mention that all of this top-of-the-funnel strategy relies on a solid middle and bottom of the funnel. We had built a landing page for the 11 Hacks that converted at around 40% – 4 out of every 10 visitors ended up downloading the ebook. That’s very high for a landing page, and one of the reasons that our ads did so well.

So don’t just focus on generating traffic – make sure you have a system in place to engage that traffic.

In this case, our digital funnel helped Kindred reach more youth workers with their excellent resources. The resulting community of youth workers was encouraged and helped by Kindred’s digital content. This is just one reason we love building digital strategies – we get to help all different kinds of people.

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