Event Video Capture for Kindred Youth Ministry

We’ve partnered with Kindred Youth Ministry across many projects, from Facebook advertising to web development. We’ve also attended a few youth ministry events and captured video as part of Kindred’s content marketing strategy.

Our process for documenting an event typically includes 3-4 Canon DSLR cameras and professional-grade audio capture. In the case of these events, the Kindred team wanted us to capture every main session, and many of the breakout sessions.

Kindred then published these sessions on social media and on their website, driving traffic and inviting users to engage more deeply with Kindred’s brand. In most cases, these videos were used as top-of-the-funnel content to invite users to subscribe to Kindred’s email list, where they have the opportunity to purchase youth ministry curriculums and resources.

In this case, our event video capture allowed Kindred to engage its community and grow its reach and influence. We can do the same for your organization. If you’re hosting an event soon, get in touch with us – we’d love to partner with you to tell the story of the event.

Imagine the possibilities for your organization.

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