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The Client

Vine & Branches Lutheran Church is a small church in Northern Virginia. They had recently undertaken a new building project and needed a strong website to support their growing community over the coming years.Vine & Branches Website

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The Strategy & The Results

We wanted to create a simple website where the visitor can easily and immediately find the information they’re looking for. This is what inspired our homepage design. Immediately visible are the name of the church, tagline, and quick links to relevant information: About, Connect, Events, Give, and Outreach.

Below the header are three boxes where the visitor can quickly find information on time/location, worship, and kids. Below that we placed our welcome video from the pastor.

Further down the page, the visitor can find more information on the new Vine & Branches building. The page ends with a map showing where the church meets, and a button to get directions – making it super-easy to join them on Sunday morning.

As you navigate throughout the site, you’ll find that we did our best to place the relevant information front-and-center, easy to find, in an uncluttered manner. Under the Connect heading, the Groups pages contain basic information on the groups, photos, and an invitation to get connected. We wanted to make sure people could quickly and easily use the website to get connected in the life of the church.

Vine & Branches WebsiteVine & Branches Website

Vine & Branches Website

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