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A Full Service Digital Strategy Agency.

If you follow large organizations online, you’ll notice a pattern: most of them understand the power of digital media. Their digital strategy isn’t just a Facebook page, or a website. Instead, they use all the different elements of digital communications – content, email, social, website, and more – to create a powerful digital strategy that grows their reach and impact.

We believe digital strategy is just as critical for smaller organizations. But the problem is, these strategies aren’t always practical for an organization to implement.

You have the tools. You likely have a Facebook page, and a website, and maybe an email management service. But just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you can build a house. Digital strategy is complex and ever-changing, and it’s tough for a small organization to consistently do it well.

Enter Bright Salt Media Labs. Our team has the capability to create and execute a powerful digital strategy for your organization – for less than the cost of hiring a part-time employee.

Bright Salt was founded in 2015 when we began offering digital strategy consulting and implementation services to a few nonprofits and ministries. Since then, we’ve been able to grow our team and the list of organizations we serve.

As it turns out, digital strategy works just as well for smaller organizations as it does for the big ones – in many cases even better. We’ve seen our clients’ reach and impact grow significantly through our digital strategy services.

Feel free to browse a few of our services below. Think digital strategy might be right for your organization? Give us a shout.

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Our Services

Content Marketing

  • Content is the most powerful way to get your organization in front of more people in 2017.
  • Media-rich content is becoming even more of an opportunity: by 2020, 90% of content online will be video. Our clients have seen incredible ROI for video campaigns we’ve executed.
  • We can create a content strategy that includes creation and distribution of several types of media for maximum effectiveness.

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Email Marketing

  • Email is still the most personal way – by far – to engage with your community. We teach you how to use it to capture and keep your audience’s attention.
  • We implement two types of email campaigns: the nurture series, and the broadcast.
  • A well-crafted weekly broadcast email can multiply your audience’s engagement and attention.
  • We offer consulting (we teach you how) and implementation (we do it for you).
  • After working with us, you’ll have a more engaged community, higher email open rates, and much more leverage with your audience.

Starting at $95 / month

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

  • Have our team run your ENTIRE social media presence.
  • Manage your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts with our tested strategies that are proven to create engagement.

Starting at $350 / month

Digital Strategy Audits

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current digital media situation & online presence
  • We’ll make recommendations based on your situation, budget and objectives
  • We’ll identify and share the top 3-5 things you can do immediately to improve your online presence & digital strategy

Starting at $445

Branding & Identity

  • A complete identity redesign for your church, nonprofit or business.
  • Includes logos, colors, fonts, stationery mockups and social media graphics.

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Graphic Design

  • Custom Banners, Flyers, Post Cards, Easter/Christmas Graphics, Social Media Covers, Print Design, Bulletin Design, Worship Slide Templates
  • We customize them with your organization’s unique information.
  • Instead of fumbling with Photoshop – let us create a beautiful, compelling graphic for you!

Starting at $95

Web Design & Development

  • Includes preliminary meetings with our team, where we go over your specific needs.
  • You provide all copy, images, logos, fonts, colors, etc. We’ll be happy to make suggestions.
  • We hand you a fully functional, easily managed, secure, SEO-optimized, UI/UX optimized website.

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Video Production

  • Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your audience.
  • We’ve done video shoots all over the country – it’s one of our favorite things we get to do!

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Training Your Social Media Team

  • We will train a team of your organization's volunteers or staff to run your social media accounts.
  • Topics we’ll cover: content creation, social media statistics, how to analyze and interpret statistics, how to maximize reach and engagement, growth strategies for all the major social media platforms, and so much more!
  • Includes 10 modules presented over 1-hour video calls with the team of volunteers.
  • Once we’ve trained this team, your church has a rock solid foundation for an ongoing social media strategy.

Starting at $850

Imagine the possibilities for your organization.

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