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Digital Communications & Marketing Glossary of Terms

1. CTR – Click-Through Rate Click-through Rate identifies the percentage of people who click on link. Usually placed in an email, an ad, website page… etc. The higher the CTR percentage, the more people went through. CTR is extremely important for many parts of the Digital world. 2. CPA – Cost per Acquisition Cost per […]

Google Analytics Glossary of Terms

Bounce Rate The percentage of visits in which the visitor only views one page of your website before leaving is known as the Bounce Rate. With Bounce Rate information, you can analyze the quality of user visits. A high Bounce Rate often indicates that your pages are not relevant to what your visitors are looking […]

Digital Strategy Resources & Links: Pre-Funnel, Funnel, & Post-Funnel

This past spring, Barry gave a keynote presentation at the Lilly Youth & Theology Network (here are the slides). As a bonus for the event attendees, we created a list of digital marketing resources for building out a strong digital funnel, as well as resources for before and after the funnel. Since these are valuable […]

Facebook 101: Creating your Church Facebook Page

So, you are ready to create a Facebook page for your church, but don’t know where to start. No worries! We’ve got you! It won’t take long, and will be well worth the effort! Let’s get started! Log into your personal Facebook page. You will be the first admin on the page, but you will […]