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Church Marketing

Many churches don’t like the word “marketing.” It conjures up an image of a slimy salesperson trying to pressure you into something – in this case, going to church.

But that’s not what marketing is! We like to think of it as an open invitation. If your church is doing a good job of “marketing,” the people in your community will know about you, and they’ll know they’re welcome at your church. That’s what we mean by marketing.

And in 2017, this is an imperative for churches. In the words of Bill Gates, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Does your church have a presence in your town square? Are you engaging people for the gospel in your community? We must think of these questions not only as they relate to the physical world, but also to the digital.

With almost everyone on social media in 2017, this presents an incredible opportunity for the Church. Can we use digital media to share the good news, and be a force for good in our communities?

If your church is interested, we’d love to talk.

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